Association Management

Prince George’s County Property Management

Open Gate Management Company serves community associations – including homeowners associations (HOAs), condominium associations and co-ops. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of your community.

We manage operations, ongoing maintenance and resident communication, leaving the board to focus on setting policy.

By maintaining local teams of professionals, Open Gate Management Company is able to offer the highest level of personal attention and responsiveness to your residents. Our professionals live in the same geographic area as the communities they manage. They understand how local factors such as climate and land affect residents. and listen to residents to develop personalized solutions to meet your community’s unique needs.

Services provided by Open Gate Management Company

  • Portfolio Management​
  • Onsite Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Financial Services Management​
  • Contractor / Maintenance Oversight
  • Architectural Compliance Services
  • Receivables Collection Administration
  • Association Consulting
  • Developer Consulting
  • Volunteer & Staff Training Services
  • Mediation Services
  • Individual Rental Management Services
  • Direct access Portals for Boards, Residents Attorneys, and Resale Transfers
  • Site Operations Audits
  • Communication

    We pride ourselves on keeping communities updated with the happenings of the property. We want our homeowners to be kept abreast of the work happening onsite and how this may affect your normal routine. We provide a community update each week.
  • Homeowner Portals

    The homeowner portals are kept up to date with all property information. The portal contains a library of information including the governing documents for your community. This is also where you will make assessment payments, put in service requests, submit architectural modification applications, ask questions on the community forum and so much more.
  • Assessment Collection

    We make paying your assessments easy with online payments.

    You can also sign up with bill pay from your bank, just be sure to select the option that ensures that it will arrive on time.

    If you don’t like to make electronic payments and would like to send in a check, you have that option as well. We will provide you with payment coupons to help you keep track.

  • Customer Service

    Our customer service is second to none. Not only will you have 24/7 access to the resident portal, you can also speak to a live person in our call center.

  • Emergency and Routine Maintenance

    We provide 24/7 Emergency Maintenance, please call the emergency line. All phone numbers are listed on the main page of your homeowner portal.
  • Collection Policy

    We adhere strictly to the collection policy for your community. To review your policy in full, please log on to the resident portal and access the library.
  • Financial Reporting

    It has never been easier to keep tabs on your investment. Simply log into the homeowner portal and see all financial reports in real time. The monthly financial package is provided monthly to reflect the state of the associations financials.

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